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What is it?

Orthodontics is odontological’s field in charge of solving teeth misplace and incorrect facial bones growth.

We always advise to get in hands of good professionals, because there are some cases where orthodontics results where aesthetic result seems correct but the hide a bad bite or some other problems caused by a poor treatment

What do we get with orthodontics?

We correct teeth position and in addition of an excellent smile, we prevent process like cavities, pyorrhea, breathing and chewing disorders to develop. In other words, we not only achieve an aesthetics aim, but also prevent future diseases.

Kids’ orthodontics

Most suitable age to attend a specialist is at 7 years old. At that age, we could detect not only dental problems but also facial bone growth problems.

Come to Colina Clinic if your child has crooked teeth, if mouth doesn’t close, teeth don’t fit, if you hear snoring, if he or she bites things, sucks his or her thumb or you notice a narrow palate.

Adult’s orthodontics

In these recent years, this treatments demand has grown, due to new materials specific for adults.

With orthodontics, we can improve mouth condition and prevent cavities and pyorrhea caused by teeth misplace, which fosters plaque and halitosis.

In other cases, orthodontics is necessary prior to implant placement, porcelain rehabilitations or after a gum treatment.

What’s aesthetic orthodontics?

Is a type of orthodontics which uses ceramic braces. Their color is similar to teeth color, or transparent.

Their function is the same as metallic braces.

How long an orthodontics treatment does lasts?

It depends on the patient, but average is one year and a half.

What’s invisible orthodontics?

Is a treatment where we correct teeth position with different removable devices, which are changed along the treatment. These devices can be removed for eating, and because they are transparent, nobody will notice you are wearing them.