Somos muy exigentes con nuestro trabajo, por eso dedicamos mucho tiempo a la formación continua y a la actualización de técnicas para poder garantizar siempre los mejores resultados.
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Invisible orthodontics

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Invisible orthodontics

It consists in correcting the dental misplace by transparent aligners. This treatments’ visibility is minimum or practically nonexistent, so it makes the treatment easier, especially for adult patients.

How does it work?

Dr. Colina elaborates a treatment plan for the patient. It is a 3D virtual care plan. It shows the expected teeth movement along the treatment, by doing so; patient is able to see the final result even before beginning the treatment.

When we receive the aligners, the patient has to wear each one for two weeks, in two weeks, the patient will move onto the next pair, and this way until the treatment is completed.

Is it removable?

Aligners can be removed anytime, so patients can eat whatever they want, have a good dental hygiene and remove it during short periods of time while in special occasions like weddings or meetings. However, for the treatment to be effective, we recommend wear the aligners for 22 hours a day.

How long would it take?

It depends on every person and the complex of the dental problem. It’s usually estimated during the first visit to the clinic.

Does it work for everyone?

Doctor would tell you if your case is suitable for this technique, but practically every case can be treated with invisible orthodontics.

This technique has progressed a lot during the last years, in the beginning its result weren’t really predictable and for complicated cases, traditional braces were still advisable, but a lot of technology and research is been invested to reach a precise method for achieving solutions for the most complex cases.

It corrects dental crowding, cross bite, overbite, overly separated teeth and protrusion, that is to say, almost every orthodontic problem.

Is it painful?

It’s not painful; some people can feel a small temporary pain during the first days wearing a new aligner, like a pressure feeling. That’s a sign that aligners are working moving the teeth gradually. This pain disappears in a couple of days.

How long are the dentist review visits?

Invisible orthodontics require less time on the dental chair, because no arch setting or change are longer necessary. Emergency visits are also not that necessary as it was with braces, when arcs could peel away and cause pain, which lead to mouth pain and an emergency solution.