Somos muy exigentes con nuestro trabajo, por eso dedicamos mucho tiempo a la formación continua y a la actualización de técnicas para poder garantizar siempre los mejores resultados.
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Cosmetic dentistry and veneers

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Cosmetic dentistry and veneers

Colina Clinic experts on cosmetic dentistry, reaching for naturally and harmonic bone and facial structures. In colina clinic we use all the existing techniques in odontology to make your smile your best introduction.

Porcelain veneers

They are thin tailor made sheets made in a lab, giving them wished size, color and shape. These sheets cover the whole teeth front, and practically preserve completeness of original pieces.

This cosmetic treatment’s result is so successful, that is the most demanded by models and actress.

Composite veneers

Easy cosmetic treatment, painless and not aggressive, indicated for teeth with irregular shape, interdental spaces, different sized teeth…

It consists of applying a tooth like material onto it. This material is molded until reach wished shape.

Metal free porcelain crowns

Porcelain crowns used in Colina Clinic are manufactured in Sweden (Goteborg), at the world most advanced and modern lab. They are also computer designed and built, which allows a perfect fit.

These are metal free crowns, which let light through, providing a nice aesthetic appearance.

Interdental space closing

When gums retract or teeth move, black spaces can appear between teeth, also known as ‘black triangles’ causing a bad aesthetic appearance. In Colina clinic, we work with material which sticks to teeth, providing a nicer a more appealing smile.