Somos muy exigentes con nuestro trabajo, por eso dedicamos mucho tiempo a la formación continua y a la actualización de técnicas para poder garantizar siempre los mejores resultados.
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Conscious sedation

It consists on controlled lowering conscious level. Patient’s anxiety is reduced, and remains awake. It’s performed under our anesthetist’s supervision. Indicated for surgical process and patient suffering from a high anxiety level.

This technique has been performed in USA for more than 25 years, and from years ago, Colina Clinic offers  this service, so fear is not an obstacle to recover your smile.

Cinemizer glasses

Forget fear and enjoy a film, documentary or your favorite band’s concert without moving from the chair, while Colina Clinic team performs the treatment.

From door to door

A transport service Colina Clinic offers to those patients going under surgical process. This service picks them up at home before the intervention, and when it’s finished, drives them back home.

Special hours

For patient with limited time availability, Colina Clinic tries to adapt to their needs, scheduling interventions on special hours.

Tour plan

Ideal for patients travelling from another city, and apart from getting their treatment at Colina Clinic, they want to seize their visit and tour the city.

Colina Clinic organizes a tour plan around the most emblematic places, restaurants and other activities.


Aimed for patients coming from another city to get a treatment done in Colina Clinic, we offer accommodation.

Our team is in charge of looking for lodging so you and your partner don’t have to worry.

Colina kids

A place dedicated for the little ones, where they can live positive experiences which will set the base with their dental health for the rest of their lives.

Goodbye fear!

Colina Clinic possesses various systems to treat fear, so anxiety is not an obstacle to enjoy a good dental health. If you need dental treatment but you’re afraid, don’t hesitate getting in touch with us, we’ll make you available and explain you different methods to make your experience as positive as we can and enjoy the smile you deserve.