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Good morning,

After more than 3 years from the beginning of my treatment, and coming to the end of it, I want to share with you through this email my experience as patient/client in this clinic and transmit my most sincere appreciation and congratulations to each one of the excellent professionals who form Colina Clinic’s team in Palencia.

I begin for Dr. Cesar Colina, who, in my opinion, is an excellent professional who has been able to surround himself by a great team, and has been able to transmit his professionalism and good work.

Specially and fondly, I want to congratulate Noelia and Sandra, who in every one of the countless appointment during these 3 years, have always treated me great, dedicating me all the means and time to complete their work, and without showing apathy or reluctance, which is often common in this professional field as a routine consequence, treating with all kinds of patients.

To all the people who, inevitably, think that I’m related to any of the people I’m writing about here, tell them that the only relationship I have with them is purely professional, as a patient.

The reason of writing this e-mail was the feeling I get to share my experience with other people who are currently in the same situation as me.

I’m a 43 year old person who has endured continuous dental problems. Tired of this situation, I decided to ask for diagnosis and budget to two well-known franchises we all know about, because the advertise themselves on national TV.

At the first of this appointments, diagnosis was the same I’ve heard before (antibiotics and teeth extraction). In the second franchise I visited, my experience was far more mind-blowing and it took place like this:

After giving me an appointment, I waited for 2 hours at the waiting room, and after x-ray and a 10-minute examination, I was invited to enter an office and I was informed that the only solution to my problems, was the extraction of all my teeth and after that, placing implants, upon payment of 36.000€. For finishing my patience, the unacceptable boss, director or anyhow the leader is named, makes this statement to me: ‘Think of it as you’re buying a Mercedes’ after that, I prefer keeping to myself the adjectives to define this person.

Luckily for me, after these experiences, I finished at Colina Clinic’s waiting room thanks to a recommendation. After studying my case and performing the tests needed, Dr. Cesar Colina had a conversation with me, in which he provided me the following information:

  • What my diagnosis was
  • What my treatment could be
  • Risks that could take place during the treatment
  • Changes I’ll had to make on my daily habits in order to success
  • Treatment’s duration
  • Budget

The most important statement he made was ‘Our priority goal is preserving your original teeth’ listening to this instead of ‘we have to extract all of your original teeth’ and continuing with ‘think of it as if you’re buying a Mercedes’ was what made me decide on this professional team.

Nowadays, I must say I don’t regret my decision, and thanks to that, my quality of life has improved considerably. Thought the process has been longer, I’m convinced every day I had to come to the Clinic was worth it.

Thank you very much for everything,


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